Real Stories

Sleep Testing

Taylor Scarver is a 16 year old Junior at City on a Hill Charter school. During an interview about the education system, Taylor was asked questions about testing in schools and the stricter discipline policies in Charter Schools. We also spoke briefly about the inequity in funding in schools. These are her answers to the questions that were asked.

18 and in Debt

Brandon Powell is a Boston Collegiate Charter School graduate. Charter Schools are known to have stricter discipline policies than other public schools. Brandon felt like the discipline in his school was stricter in the earlier grades and that students were conditioned at an earlier age how to act. Brandon thought that the discipline in his school was fair for the most part but at times unreasonable. He did also point out that the discipline policies in Charter Schools do not reflect how students should be," Discipline does not reflect academic abilities of a student".

Summary of My Summer With BEJA

This summer I was given a great opportunity through Generation Citizen called the Community Change Fellow program. The Community Change Fellow program is a chance for young people to be a part of a real organization, and to teach them how to make change in their communities. Generation Citizen was introduced to me through my classroom, they would come in once or twice a week and we would work on a common issue in our community that we would like to change. This was a pretty fun thing to do other than just sit through another day of English class.

Letter on No Child Left Behind Reforms

Read the letter sent to U.S. Senators this week on our positions in reforming the No Child Left Behind Act.

We ask for:

  1. Community schools with fully resourced wraparound services like guidance counselors, enriching after school programs and decreased high stakes testing.
  2. Funding for Restorative Justice practices in our schools.
  3. More funding for Title 1, which provides extra funding for schools with high poverty measurements.
  4. Moratorium on Charter Schools

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Every year we’re forced to conform with crippling cuts of $50-100 million or more to the BPS system. Our curriculum is strangled by standardized tests that do not serve to educate but instead punish students, teachers and parents. Resources and opportunities for art and music, history, guidance counselors and nurses are virtually nonexistent. These are not the schools we deserve.

Students and teacher speak out for LESS TESTING, MORE LEARNING!

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education held a hearing on PARCC and the use of standardized assessments in public education across the state. Students, teachers, parents, community members, and public education advocates showed up in force to voice their opposition to the use of PARCC and MCAS in graduation requirements and teacher evaluations. BSAC student Rebecca Holland and Boston Arts Academy teacher Cassandra Wallace shared with DESE and BEJA the following testimony: