Next BEJA Community Engagement Meeting

Please join us for the next BEJA Community Engagement Meeting

When: Thursday, June 23rd from 6-7:30pm

Where: First Church of Roxbury (aka the White Church)
10 Putnam Street, Roxbury

This location is minutes away from the Bolling Building, Dudley Square and Roxbury Crossing, and parking is available. Refreshments will be served. Childcare will be provided with RSVP. Call Marléna at 617.708.4685 for more information.

Will YOUR School Be Closed? Emergency Town Hall pt. 2!

Our first town hall in January mobilized over 400 parents, teachers and students to learn about BPS budget cuts, kicking off a series of events that engaged thousands in our communities to fight for the schools we deserve.

The fight against BPS budget cuts isn't over! Help us plan and mobilize for the town hall where we hope to discuss next steps on:
BPS Budget Cuts
School Closures
Unified Enrollment
Charter Expansion


Busting BPS Myths!

Throughout the last months of budget advocacy we've heard thrown around a lot of inaccurate information-some may say "misinformation"- about BPS and the budget. Working together, BEJA parents, students and teachers came up with some of the most commonly heard myths and some facts to help us sort through it all. Check out the blog attachment for more!

Mobilize for Our Next Big Day of Action: March 7th

students marching in BEJA's Walk-In Action\

After our successful Walk-In and Rally on February 17, we want to keep the momentum going! There are three separate and equally important events happening on March 7 and there are many ways to support. While it is important to have powerful visuals of people coming together in solidarity, there are other ways you can support this national movement from the comfort of your home. You can make a call, you can send a tweet, you can share your story with policy-makers. What's important is that you add your voice to the thousands fighting for our children's education.

A People's Movement for Boston Public Education

On Feb 17th hundreds of parents, students and teachers walked-in to Boston City Hall and to the Massachusetts State House demanding the schools our communities deserve. We presented these demands to our elected officials. We will continue to hold our public officials accountable to these demands, which we've called "A People's Movement for Boston Public Education", check it out below:




SAVE THE DATE: February 17th Walk-in and Rally!


On Feb 17th, thousands of parents, students and teachers across the country are standing up against cuts to public education! Here in Boston we're facing $50 million cuts, over $140 million in the last 3 years alone! Enough is enough!

We will be presenting our Stop the BPS Budget cuts petition and rallying in front of the City Hall before marching to the State House. More details forthcoming!

BEJA Town Hall Presentations and Upcoming Action Steps!


Thanks to all who came to last Thursday's Emergency Town Hall on the Future of Public Schools in Boston! Over 350 parents, teachers and students packed a standing-room only Cardinal Hall at Madison Park High School sending a clear message- our voices matter!

At the request of several attendees and folks who couldn't make it, we'd like to share the presentations from panelists. We will also be updating the website with our Action Groups' next steps and notes as we compile them in the coming week.

EMERGENCY TOWN HALL: What is the Future for Public Education in Boston?

Boston is undergoing a flood of initiatives in public education- from recent pushes to lift the charter cap, proposals for a unified enrollment system to years of unsustainable budget cuts and school closures. What are these initiatives and how will these policies affect our schools and neighborhoods? Join parents, students and teachers in this emergency town hall to discuss the future of public education in Boston!