Mobilize for Our Next Big Day of Action: March 7th

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students marching in BEJA's Walk-In Action\

After our successful Walk-In and Rally on February 17, we want to keep the momentum going! There are three separate and equally important events happening on March 7 and there are many ways to support. While it is important to have powerful visuals of people coming together in solidarity, there are other ways you can support this national movement from the comfort of your home. You can make a call, you can send a tweet, you can share your story with policy-makers. What's important is that you add your voice to the thousands fighting for our children's education. Here are some ways you can support the actions on Monday, March 7:

1) Beginning at 10:00am, there will be a State House hearing on lifting the cap on Commonwealth Charter Schools (H3928). Unfortunately, the state has a system that pits charters against district schools for funding. For those who may not know, BPS loses about $120 million to Commonwealth charters (as opposed to in-district charters) this last year. The state is supposed to reimburse BPS for some of these costs, but hasn't. Lifting the cap would have huge negative impacts on our BPS budget. Let the Committee know that you OPPOSE H3928 and any attempt to raise the cap on charter schools. You can share your testimony if you can't make it to the hearing.

2) Boston High School Students are Organizing a Walk-Out @ 11:30 am across Boston. Students are "walking out" of their classes at 11:30 and heading to the State House to demand "Full and Equitable Funding For All Students" and "No Cuts! No Closures!" Stay tuned to hear how adults can support this effort. Many of us will already be at the State House fighting the lifting of the charter cap. Parents can support the fight against budget cuts to your school by "walking out" with your child. (See the flyer below)

3) Later that evening is the next School Committee Budget hearing at English High School beginning at 6:00pm. We must fill the auditorium! We hope that students, their parents and their teachers will attend this meeting together in great numbers. Testimonies should be no more than 2 minutes long. You should get there early to sign up or email Marléna Rose at to sign up.

* There will be a Twitter Thunderclap via BEJA on the 7th as well! Click here for details about how to participate. A Thunderclap is where hundreds of people tweet a universal message at the same time. You have to sign in to be a part of this.

* Text the word "BEJA" to 69238 to get regular updates.

Submitting Written Testimony:
If you are unable to attend the March 7 hearings, we hope you will consider submitting written testimony about how you/your child/your school is being affected.

To send testimony in opposition to lifting the cap on charter schools:
Refer to Bill H2938. You can send your written testimony directly to the Committee, to: Please plan to submit the testimony to the Committee by March 7 but no later than Friday, March 11, and please CC Marléna Rose (, and your legislators. To find out your Rep and Senator, go to:

To send testimony to demand that Mayor Walsh fully fund Boston Public Schools:
Email your testimony to Elizabeth Sullivan at and please CC Marléna Rose (