A summer with Education Justice

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In this whole month I accomplished many things, like how to run a workshop and speak in public. Almost every Wednesday and Thursday we do canvassing, where we talk to people about the schools our community deserves.
Week of July
On July 20, we had a meeting with City Councilor, Tito Jackson, where we introduce the points we are working on: Less Testing More Learning, Equitable Funding, and Charter Schools. Also we had a workshop where we power mapped. On Tuesday, we went to Codman Square NDC (Neighborhood Development Corp.) where we talked about solar panels and energy-saving improvements for Codman Sq. On Thursday we started revising our first interview and learned how to blog it.
On Wednesday July 29 we made protest signs for the Verizon Workers Rally. Thursdays, we had our first workshop at MassCOSH where we talked with young people about their experience in their schools. Most of them talked about the bad food in school, that it tastes bad and the more they tried to get it healthy the worse it got; and if they don’t eat it then they wouldn’t have energy to concentrate in class. Also we asked the group questions about Charter Schools. Most of them said that they like their school because they don’t get a lot of tests. Later that day Jennifer Berkshire interviewed Alanni and myself. She asked us what our experience was like being a Boston Education Justice Alliance Youth Organizer.

On Monday 3 we had our second workshop at Project RIGHT, they are students working in Environmental Justice, and they are trying to build community love. On Tuesday 11 we hosted another workshop at Madison Park Development Corporation where we presented our work to 60 students. Each of us facilitated a break out group. I lead the Less Testing More Learning. Most of the students said that they hate tests because it stresses them a lot and that they think that the money that is spent on tests should go to the schools to buy all supplies that they need in school.