18 and in Debt

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Brandon Powell is a Boston Collegiate Charter School graduate. Charter Schools are known to have stricter discipline policies than other public schools. Brandon felt like the discipline in his school was stricter in the earlier grades and that students were conditioned at an earlier age how to act. Brandon thought that the discipline in his school was fair for the most part but at times unreasonable. He did also point out that the discipline policies in Charter Schools do not reflect how students should be," Discipline does not reflect academic abilities of a student".

He is going to Northeastern University in the Fall. Though most students face anxiety because of the debt that they will be in by the end of their freshman year in college, Brandon has a different approach. He has to stay strong, “Being scared will not change the debt that I will be in,” Brandon stated. He also said that the expenses of college did not change his decisions about college such as staying in state or out of state because all of the colleges that he got accepted into were expensive. “I was screwed either way,” the 18 year old declared. Although his decision to go to school was not impacted, he did say that there would be a significant toll on his life due to the expenses of college. Brandon stated that he is decently prepared for college due to grants and scholarships but he is “not a millionaire” and the debt he will be in will start his future slower. “If I wasn’t going to be in debt I would be able to start my future sooner without having to worry about money,” said Brandon. He commented on the fairness of having to pay for college when America is one of the richest colleges in the world and would be able to make college free. “I feel bamboozled,” the 18 year old continued, “It could be free but we are all paying for it.” He also acknowledged the education gap between the rich and poor, “I do not think that it is fair… some people are poor and cannot afford to go to good colleges. Education should be treated as a right and all people should have access to a good education. Like many other students, Brandon will have to take out loans and will be in debt by the time he finishes college.